Sunday, January 18, 2009

Location of Pancharamalu

1. Ksheeraamalingeswara temple:
District: West Godavari
Town: Palakollu.
Nearest Bus station: Palakollu.
Nearest Railway station: Palakollu.
2. Amaralingeswara temple:
District: Guntur.
Town: Amaravathi.
Nearest Bus station: Amaravathi.
Nearest Railway station: Guntur.
3. Bhemeswara swamy temple:
District: East Godavari.
Town: Draksharamam.
Nearest Bus station: Draksharamam.
Nearest Railway station: Kakinada.
4. Kumarabheemeswara swamy temple:
District: East Godavari.
Town: Samalkot.
Nearest Bus station: Samalkot.
Nearest Railway station: Samalkot.
5. Someswaraswamy temple:
District: West Godavari.
Town: Bhimavaram.
Nearest Bus station: Bhimavaram .
Nearest Railway station: Bhimavaram.


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