Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Maharshi Upamanya

Upamanyu one of the great devotees of Lord Shiva is very special as he is a child and worshipped Lord Shiva for Milk.
Upamanyu born in a poor family who could not provide him milk was encouraged by his mother to worship Lord Shiva who was the only one who could give him milk.
She explained the child about the greatness of Lord Shiva.
The child got his mind filled with devotion for Lord Shiva and went for a penace to obtain the blessings of his Lord.
Inspite of many hurdles the boy didn't stop chanting Panchakshari which gave him great strength.
At last after being tested by his Lord he was blessed with the greatest boons one could get and was accepted as the beloved son of his Lord Ksheeraramalingeswara who gave him Ksheerasamudra.
When Lord Ksheeraramalingeswara asked the boy to get another boon he wished,  the boy out of his pure and innocent devotion towards his Lord , replied to bless him with complete devotion and Shivasaayujya(close relation with him). 
Happy with his request Lord stayed there with Maa Paarvathi in Ksheerapuri(palakollu).

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Spirituality of Palakollu

Palakollu is special as the sacred place where Lord Shiva in his name of Ksheeraraamalingeswara is residing with Maa Paarvathi.
This shrine of Lord Shiva is famous as one of the Pancharama kshetras in Andhra Pradesh.
The glory of this kshetra is mentioned in some of the Ashtadasa(Eighteen) mahapuranas like the Shiva Maha purana and Skanda Maha purana.
Sthalapurana(Stories regarding the spiritual significance) says about three instances signifying Ksheeraraamalingeswara.
They include :
1. Story of Lord Vishnu.
2. Story of Maharshi Upamanya.
3. Story of Lord Rama.

Story of Lord Vishnu:

When all the deities(devatalu) were facing troubles from demons(danavas). All of them requested Lord Vishnu to save them from the demons.
Then Lord Vishnu by the grace of Lord Shiva decides to do special puja to Ksheeraraamalingeswara.
Lord Shiva tests him to know his devotion.
Lord Vishnu finally gets the grace of Ksheeraraamalingeswara and blessed with Sudarsanachakra. With that weapon he could defeat the demons and provide peace to deities.
For more details and Shiva sahasranama, please go to my full article on Ksheera ramalingeswara swamy.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Photos of pancharamalu

Ksheeraraamalingeswara swamy
Paarvathi devi
Palakollu temple

Gunupudi temple